Kindness in the Internet Era

Kindness in the Internet Era by Georgia Johnson

In the internet era, the “metamodernism” era, the landscape in which we learn and communicate is evolving constantly. It has become a necessity for the average person to have access to the internet to function in society. A consequence of this is that it can our daily activities visible to others at all times, especially on social media. When we consider how accessible information of all kinds has become, it begs the question: what personal responsibility do we have to contribute ethically to the organism that is the internet? The answer is we most certainly have personal responsibility, for the sake of ourselves, our safety, and the safety of others in our worldwide community. Both digital citizenship and personal branding explain this. Digital citizenship is the ability to use the internet in an effective and responsible way. Because so much of society now revolves around the internet, we have a responsibility to work all the time to make it a better place, just like we do in real life. It is a reflection of how we treat others, and how we treat ourselves. The internet deserves to be an environment in which we can all exist, and digital citizenship helps with that mission. An example is only using content that you have permission to use. It is the only responsible way to share content, and it protects the other people in your community. Whatever impression we make on the internet, we all most certainly make an impression. Because technology is so prevalent in our lives, every thing we do leaves a footprint. When you consciously put thought into what you are putting out there and what it says about you, you are creating a strong personal brand. For example, posting the same profile picture across multiple platforms defines YOU as a brand, and gives a tiny window into who you are. We have a responsibility to others in society to make sure we are ethical, kind, and earnest, and that is why personal branding online should be a priority. “Pay It Forward” is another concept that promotes this kindness and earnestness. It is being inspired by someone’s act of kindness unto you so much that you reciprocate that kindness to someone else. It’s a chain reaction. It’s another way to promote the kind of society that we all want, and a way to promote ethical prosumerism on the internet.


This essay was written for my Social Media Marketing class. 

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